Music Data Services

Music Data Services has created technology to easily reformat musical works data from Excel to other formats.

Currently, we convert data entered into our proprietary Excel template to Common Works Registration (CWR) version 2.1, and to The MLC’s Data Quality Initiative (DQI) files.

CWR is the global standard among Performance Rights Organizations (PROs), Mechanical Rights Organizations (MROs) and publishers for the bulk delivery of musical works data.

Rightsholders may contact us for a link to our Excel template, which they then may fill in themselves.

Or, we are here to help. 

For self-administered songwriters who would rather write songs than wrangle ISWCs, ISRCs and IPIs, we can handle the data organization, conversion to CWR and DQI, and delivery of those CWR and DQI files to the relevant societies.

We know that credit and attribution are extremely important and they add value to a music catalog. We have a direct feed to Jaxsta, the “IMDB of the music industry.”

In addition to CWR and DQI services, Music Data Services is available to perform data cleanup and deduplication exercises for music publishers, songwriters and sound recording owners.


Spotify for Publishing accepts CWR created by Music Data Services (formerly known as to provide global next day analytics to publishers.

Music Data Services is a preferred provider of The MLC’s Data Quality Initiative.

And, Music Data Services is recommended by SONA (Songwriters of North America) and its Sexy Metadata Action Group (SMAG).


Conversion of data that the rights holder enters into our proprietary Excel template to CWR or DQI:$10 plus $.05 per work in the file
Conversion of data entered into our proprietary Excel template to CWR and DQI formats:$10 plus $.07 per work in the file
If the data that has been entered requires significant cleanup:$50/hour to prepare the Excel file for conversion
If the user sends us a works list from a PRO or database and needs reformat and conversion:$75/hour
Acknowledgement (ACK) file conversion to .csv:$15 per file


With a background in music rights management, Abby North created software for her companies to use to port music metadata from a proprietary Excel template to Common Works Registration (CWR), the standard for music publishing works registrations.

After The MLC announced its Data Quality Initiative (DQI), North added DQI export to that software.

Music Data Service’s goal is to assist songwriters and music publishers of all sizes in gathering all of their music metadata in one place, organizing and understanding that metadata, correcting errors in that metadata, and accurately registering all of their musical works in as many places as possible.

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